Lilly Aramburo Has Vanished!

I’ve had a variety of difficult situations manifest in my life which have led me to want to start this blog.

A good friend, Lily Aramburo, has been missing since June 1, 2007. Feeling helpless has motivated me to express those feelings and inform everyone about the cause of missing persons and domestic violence. Society rather turn a blind eye but I think it’s very important to document our stories. Here is mine.

I am Janet, a Social Media Strategist from Miami, FL. I work for Subliminal Pixels Lab and I’ve dedicated myself to raising awareness for Lilly and other missing persons. Please consider subscribing to my RSS feed.

Lilly is a 23 year old mother. She was born in San Francisco but raised in Miami, FL. We’ve been close friends for a long time. I’m scared to death about her disappearance. It can’t be anything good. Lilly has a 9 month old son. She’s never leave him. Lilly was last seen at her fiance’s apartment in Kendall. He says they had an argument and she walked out in pajamas with bungee cords. It makes absolutely no sense. She hasn’t been seen since.

Something is very wrong and I intent to get to the truth. Join me on this mission. Help me seek justice for Lilly.

Here are some links I think may come in handy to some.

A program for the prevention of teen suicide

Very helpful link to register missing children & adults

Great resource – Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network

The above links are not local organizations but they may help someone out there.
Until next time, may you find peace within yourself.


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