Latest Lilly Aramburo Story from renowned author Susan Milano Murphy

Here’s how you are able to truly help Lilly right now! Please go to Susan Milano Murphey’s site, read her latest journal entry on Lilly and COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT!!!

The Media, places where Lilly’s story so desperately NEEDS to be told, ARE checking out Susan’s journal entry on Lilly to see the amount of comments left! The more comments left, the more they know that this story is interesting to others and should be told! Incredible Media outlooks are finally showing interest in potentially helping give Lilly a voice, we just need to push them the extra mile in order for them to completely commit to covering Lilly’s story…OUR COMMENTING will give them this essential extra push!

So, I’m off now to leave my own comment, as well as to kick everyone I know in the butt to leave one from themselves as well, consider this your kick… 😉

Thank You for your support in Missing Persons Public Awareness and for supporting our mission to give Lucely “Lilly” Aramburo a voice.

Click on the title of this post to go to Susan Murphy Milano’s latest story on Lilly, don’t forget to comment! 😉

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