Heather Riggio Update

Thankfully, a few media outlets have covered the disappearance of missing 20 year old Heather “Kitty” Riggio.  Heather, a petite blonde, was last seen wearing a pink top, jeans and high heels. On the afternoon of May 6, 2007 she left her family’s house in North Miami Beach and got into a white SUV, police say. She has never been seen since.
The Miami Herald wrote a good article about it on today’s paper. They have published a series of about 8 or 9 articles about Heather’s disappearance. You can find those articles in the Miami Herald archives. The writer, David Ovalle, included information about the Kid Finders Network. 
He writes: “The billboard is being provided to North Miami Beach police by the Kid Finders Network, a West Palm Beach-based volunteer organization run by Sherri and Dennis Milstead. Kid Finders, which relies on donations, provides mobile billboards aimed at finding missing young people. The price of Riggio’s mobile billboard — the printing of the banner and trailer upkeep — is about $3,000, footed so far by the Milsteads. ”We work off donations and we’re still trying to get sponsors,” Sherri Milstead said.“We’re hanging by a shoestring.”
Miami residents and businesses, please support Kid Finders Network. They desperately need corporate sponsors. Or if you are able to make a donation, you can do so by credit card or paypal safe and securely here. Please visit their website for more information. Their work is crucial to finding Heather and so many missing loved ones. They also seek volunteers to drive the mobile billboard.
From the moment I met Sherri and Dennis Millstead from Kid Finders Network, I immediately saw their devotion and personal sacrifice to find the missing. Dennis, kindly offered us a neat little gadget called Safety in a Flash. With Safety In A FLASH you can create missing person flyers, and it has the capabilities to export these files to police or missing person’s bureaus. Safety In A FLASH is highly recommended for the Elderly and those suffering with Alzheimer’s. Here’s a handy screen shot. I think it’s a great idea! Every single parent should have one for their kids or elderly parents. You can store birth certificates, pictures, fingerprints, etc. You can order one today for only a $65 donation to Kid Finders Network. Trust me, your family is worth it.
Here’s another article and video about Heather on CBS4. (The link is no longer active) And another on WSVN including video. You can find more information about Heather Riggio’s case by doing a Google search. There’s over 26,000 pages of search results.

From Heather’s sister’s Myspace page http://www.myspace.com/heathersmissing:

“We want as many people as possible to see her picture and know her story..But we need help..we need people to donate gas money and driving time to keep the billboard running..PLEASE contact Sherry @ 561-333-2779 if you can do anything..anything at all helps..thanks a lot, Lisa”.  
Heather’s family is torn up and suffering dearly for the return of their precious “Kitty”. See more pictures of Heather here. If you have any information, anything at all, please contact North Miami Beach Police at 305-949-5500.

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  1. Anonymous November 27, 2008 at 12:50 pm #

    if this is not sherri milstead blog or kinfinders i’m sorry i made a mistake posting. but if you are sherri milstead and or kidfinders i’m not

  2. Yogini November 27, 2008 at 1:22 pm #

    Dear Anonymous,

    I assure you, this blog is not Sherri Milstead’s or Kid Finder’s blog. You’re obviously the same person who wrote 2 other comments here for them (which I didn’t publish).

    Let me explain why I blogged about Kid Finders months ago. Heather Riggio, a missing young woman is missing from my city (Miami), I know her sister. Back in July, she told me about Kid Finders, that they were doing a mobile billboard for Heather Riggio, and she said nothing but nice things about them. A week later, I received an email from Sherri Milstead of Kid Finders in which she offered their services for Lilly (this blog is about her, my missing friend) . Sherri asked me to meet her at the press conference they organized for Heather Riggio at the North Miami Beach Police station and we met there. (I have pictures of this press conference on Flickr, my Missing Persons Group) I met Dennis, as well. They said they’d do the same for Lilly, the billboard, a press conference and that someone in the media would pick it up and write an article about Lilly. They made a commitment but sadly, it hasn’t happened yet. Sherri Milstead sent me an email when Caylee Anthony went missing and she said: “As you know we are KID Finders Network and small children take precidence but rest assured we are still working on getting a mobile billboard out for Lily as fast as we can.”

    That was the last I heard from them…

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