5 Years

Lily disappeared 5 years ago today… And yet it is still hard to believe Lily is gone. 5 years and still no answers, no arrests, only questions remain.

Is it possible that she’s still alive somewhere? She was a tiny, young person, 4ft barely 100 pounds. Her exboyfriend says she left his place angry, taking bungee cords with her and leaving behind her cellphone and belongings. How would she have managed to survive, with no money, no ID, no phone? These are the questions that linger in my mind as the years go by.

Today it is raining here in Miami. It seems appropriate. Lily loved the rain, just as I do.  
A few days ago, my girls and I released monarch butterflys in Lily’s memory. The little caterpillars came home with us on some milkweed plants we bought at Home Depot. Lily loved butterflys.

Tomorrow Lily’s son graduates from Pre-K. She would have been so proud of her little boy. He is so much like her, looks just like her too. After his graduation ceremony, we are going to Coconut Grove to plant a tree for Lily. It will be our special spot to meditate and remember.

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