Touching poem about Lilly written by Sara

Lilly is Missing

Someone is missing.

She’s no longer around.

Not seen in her home.

Nor seen in her town.

Her baby is crying.

He misses her touch.

Her Mama’s heart breaking.

From missing her so much.

Her smile in photos,

still warms the heart.

Especially for Palden,

from whom she’d not part.

When a life so little,

so precious and pure,

hurts for his Mommy,

we must find the cure.

Her screams to be found,

can barely be heard.

For ears cannot hear,

those whom have no words.

Just one voice calling,

or even a few,

make not much difference,

unless you call too.

But, if we all join together,

we have a chance.

To find our sweet Lilly,

to revive her life’s dance.

One Response to Touching poem about Lilly written by Sara

  1. Peki April 30, 2008 at 2:29 pm #

    Sara’s poem comes from her huge heart. Please stay encouraged and have faith and hope.


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