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Save the National Center for Missing Adults

It’s within our power to save the National Center for Missing Adults. I urge you to stand with me and help in any way you possibly can. What can you do to help, you ask?

First and foremost they need money! Click on the FirstGiving fundraising widget below and visit my NCMA Fundraising Page. Tax-deductible donations can be made online safely and securely through FirstGiving.

Giving Thanks

my dakinis

On this special holiday of gratitude, I am grateful for:

my precious children (my little dakinis)
my precious human life
my husband & lifelong best friend, “Steaprok”
his infinite patience
my family
my friends & sangha
the kindness of my teachers - especially Lama Tsering Everest & Chagdud Khandro of Chagdud Gompa
my daughters’ school, their teacher’s & the butterfly garden
the [...]