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Lilly Aramburo

Do you know what happened to Lilly Aramburo?

Lilly Aramburo Missing South Florida mother

Lilly Aramburo Missing South Florida mother

Lilly Aramburo, a Miami resident and 23 year old mother was last seen by family and friends the night of June 1, 2007.  At approximately 2am, she had an argument with her live-in boyfriend and walked out of his condo never to be seen or heard from again.

We have reason to believe Lilly may have been a victim of homicide but many questions remain unanswered. And that is why we desperately need your help.

If you know anything at all or have information regarding the disappearance of Lucely “Lilly” Aramburo, please contact Private Investigator Joe Carrillo at (305) 926-3110. You can also call Miami Dade Police at 305-418-7200 or Crime Stoppers at (305)471-8477. (You can get a cash reward of up to $1000!) It offers complete anonymity.

If you feel compelled to help in the search for Lilly Aramburo, please do so by doing one or more of the following:


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