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  1. Maggie's Rose May 16, 2008 at 9:07 pm #

    This past year, Lucely (Lilly’s Mom) and Palden (Lilly’s little boy) have been forced to endure many changes. To live without their beloved Mommay and Daughter. To change their lives and roles with eachother from a Grandson to a Son, a Grandma to a Mother. To aimlessly attempt to look for Lilly without ever having been giving the benefit of a map.

    So while Kelly (the author of a post entitled “Lillie is a Monster,” can feign awkward attempts to blow Lilly’s disappearance off and Christen can continue to remain alarmingly silent about and strangely uncompelled to search for his fiance. While MDPD’s detectives on Lilly’s case can apathetically push her file aside and Miami Media Outlets can look to TMZ for stories rather than the tragedy of someone local. While the majority of local businesses can decline to post some “silly”missing persons flyer and Miami citizens can cruelly tear the rare few that are allowed to be posted down…others do not have the option of these luxuries.

    Because Palden cannot help but cry when his heart hurts for his Mommy, and Lucely cannot stop working long enough to grieve her daughter’s disappearance because she’s now sole provider and caregiver for her daughter Lilly’s baby. And Janet/Yogini cannot step back from looking for Lilly efforts and take a much needed break, because their has been no one else willing to help her.

    And speaking of, why haven’t Christen (Lilly’s FIANCE) and Kelly (Lilly’s FRIEND) been part of the looking for Lilly efforts, at all? Now that I think of it, that’s a little “off” isn’t it?

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