Help for Missing Person Cases Ignored by Media

Can you feel the buzz of excitement in the air? (No, I’m not referring to the possibility of Barack Obama taking the White House in November!)
All the elements in the universe are coming together perfectly to create a meaningful resource and advocacy for victims, their families and lovers of truth and justice everywhere…in the form of Justice Interrupted Crime Radio Network. A threesome made up of Susan Murphy-Milano, Stacy Dittrich, and Robin Sax. These women offer insight in the criminal justice and victims advocacy field.

Be sure to mark your calenders for the premiere show coming to you live – Tuesday, September 2, 2008. The show will highlight the Case of Rachel Conger, (pictured above) a mother who vanished March of 2008. Rachel was trying to leave her abusive husband. He abducted her March 13, 2008. His body was found 3 days later with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The case of missing Miami mother, my friend, Lilly Aramburo, (pictured with her baby) will also be discussed. Along with the wife of a Law Enforcement Officer who lives in constant fear for her life. She will share her story and safety concerns.

Radio Show Premiere
Tuesday, September 2, 2008
Time: 7 PM /PST 9 PM /CST 10 PM/EST
Call -In Number to the Show: 914-338-0663

Radio Show Link-

I made a HUGE mistake about Justice Interrupted and Susan Murphy-Milano. I would not recommend anyone needing help to go to them. I learned a very valuable lesson for trusting Susan Murphy-Milano, the hard way. Please see the following post for more info: Sincerest Apology to Christen Pacheco

3 Responses to Help for Missing Person Cases Ignored by Media

  1. Anonymous December 8, 2008 at 1:31 pm #

    I am sad to hear that the media has ignored the disappearnce of Lilly Aramburo. Many missing persons have been shown all over the media. Most are found either good or bad outcomes I am sure still bring the family peace. My heart goes out to the Aramburo family becaus they not only have to deal with the disappearance of a daughter but a mother of a young boy, they also have to deal with the fact that no organizations are reaching out to help them.
    It seems that only media attention is given to the young, beautiful, rich, or extremely bizare cases.All missing person cases are a trajedy and should be equally horrfic enough for the media. I believe that the Aramburo family is not seeking media attention but that they just want to find Lilly and are disheartened by the fact that no one has reached out to help them.
    Many missing persons cases are played over and over again in the TV. I would recognize in an instant any one of the missing childeren whos pictures or on the 5, 6, 10, and 11 o clock news. But sadly in the case of Lilly i would never have known of her disappearnce if i had not stumbled across this blog.
    I think that the media and other organizations should more pubicly help all missing persons and make sure that the family may have some piece of mind that their loved one is being looked for and that help is on the way.
    My condolences go out to the Aramburo family and I pray for Lilly’s safe return.

  2. Yogini December 10, 2008 at 7:58 pm #

    Thank you for your comment. You've encouraged me by your loving kindness. I do what I can to avoid focusing on my own sadness. It can be too much to bare at times. Not only for Lilly and the endless suffering we (her family & friends)feel but for other families experiencing the same/similar obstacles.

    I appreciate your point of view, but I have to say, you're probably missing the whole story. WE ARE and have been SEEKING MEDIA ATTENTION since she vanished and I haven't stopped trying. I literally spent months asking law enforcement to issue a press release especially since she is an endangered missing person. But they refused. I had to rely on myself and social media to tell the world about Lilly's disappearance. I did manage to get the Miami New Times to do a cover article about her but that's an independent newspaper, hardly National news. She was also featured on Nancy Grace as a Case Alert. But it's nowhere near enough. Although I've spent hundreds of hours writing emails to reporters and writers, none have wanted to help (besides New Times). I've tried my best but one person can only do so much, especially having kids to raise and bills to pay. It's really sad that with so many organizations focused on helping the missing, we haven't been lucky enough to find one willing to help! It's always some obstacle. But our search for Lilly will never cease. Your prayers are appreciated! We really need them…thank you.

  3. Tessa April 7, 2009 at 6:11 am #

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