Can this be the crime scene?? See the pictures!

Susan wrote a great posting about the potential crime scene in Lilly’s disappearance.
Below are the pictures of the property where Lilly might be found. But getting police to follow up on this lead is a different story. As usual, it’s not their priority. For those that are not following the case, Lilly was last seen at her fiance; Christen Pacheco’s apartment on
June 1, 2007. She’s never been seen or heard from ever again. Christen reported Lilly missing 24 hours later, before calling her mother or family members & friends. According to his story, she walked out of his apartment at 2am in pajamas to pick flowers and took a bungee cord with her.

Media Stations to Contact:
WBZL 39 – MiamiWB affiliate.
WTVJ 6 – MiamiNBC affiliate.
WFOR 4 – MiamiCBS affiliate.
WSCV 51 – HialeahTelemundo affiliate.
WBFS 33 – MiamiUPN affiliate.
WSVN 7 – MiamiFox affiliate.
WLRN 17 – MiamiPBS and NPR affiliate.

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Following the case:

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  1. SpostareDuro June 25, 2008 at 11:21 am #

    dont forget about our missing persons group ion mixx as well. we need all the help we can spreading the word.

  2. Yogini June 26, 2008 at 12:35 pm #

    I forgot to mention Friendfeed; It’s a great place to post relevant links (resources,info, flyers, videos)about missing persons cases.
    Everyone is invited to join!

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